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  • M. 2 NGFF SSD Heatsink NVME 2280 Solid State Drive Coolers Solid State Hard Disk Drive Radiator Cooler Cooling Pad do KOMPUTERÓW stacjonarnych

  • Ilość Powietrza: 20CFM
  • Przegub mocujący: Ciekły Łożysko
  • Numer Modelu: Chłodnica 2280 chłodnice ssd SSD
  • Regulator Prędkości Obrotowej Wentylatora: 2000±10% obr. / min
  • Linie: NIE
  • Aplikacja: dysk twardy
  • Dowód: ROHS
  • Materiał Radiatora: Aluminium
  • Pochodzenie: CN(pochodzenie)
  • Typ: Chłodnica
  • Procesor zgodny: Chłodnica Chłodnicy Dysku Twardego M2 Ze Stopu Aluminium
  • marka: Nurek
  • Pakiet: TAK
  • Życie Wentylatora: 100.000 godzin
  • Hałas: 18dBA

M. 2 SSD Heatsink NVME 2280 dysk twardy ssd chłodnica chłodnica do stacjonarnego komputera


Materiał: stop aluminium + miedź

Kolor: Czarny

Rozmiar: 75x24x19mm

Waga netto: 110 g

Waga brutto: 110 g

Tryb chłodzenia: pasywne chłodzenie

Zastosowanie: wsparcie jednostronnego / dwustronnego SSD M. 2 2280


1. z powodu różnych monitorów i efekt świetlny rzeczywisty kolor elementu może się nieznacznie różnić od koloru przedstawionego na zdjęciach.Dziękuję!

2. Proszę, pozwól 1-3 cm odchylenie pomiaru ze względu na pomiar ręczny.

1 X SSD chłodnicy M. 2 SSD chłodnicy


Radiator is good, quality. But the seller does not know how to count and take measurements. The height of the radiator is 2.1 cm, previously in the description was 1.5 cm, he didn't get into the courpus because of it, since I have SSD on the other side of the board. Even after the dispute, the seller changed to the wrong size, indicating in the description that it is 1,9. Watch my photo, the height of 2,1 cm, someone can be principled. Attention! There is an error in the seller's description, the real size of wide is 2.1cm (0.82 inch) it's not 1,9cm. See my photo. Someone may find this important, as it turned out to be me
Pcholka 05
Installation is not difficult. Due to the exact sizes, everything came up on the first attempt. In stress tests, the temperature does not rise above 52 degrees, before 70 came in. Delivery is very fast.
Joke Dumont11
I am very satisfied with the product works well
Overall good quality with all needed accessories. Shipping time is OK A good radiator, in fact not as bulky as it seems in the picture, the quality of manufacturing on a solid 8 of 10, and because from below to the SDD pressed metal. Plate of this radiator, need to pour the thermal gasket into two (2) layers, and it is written even in the manual (in Chinese but with pictures), Upper part with chips-norms. He's gonna hold on to the radiator. Heat tubes-in kind of "Copper" color, but as they are in the radiator inserted-there is no way to see, how to disassemble the radiator I could not fix with a brainstorm)) the vangyu are inserted on the hot on the Hot Melt, for I did not see the solder there. Total IMHO-if near and over your SDD there is room for priproduda height in real 3-4 cm.-This radiator will be the best solution after pure copper radiators, and for a more adequate price.
Guri Slv
The parcel drove for a long time, 38 days to the sea. Packing on the photo, put on NVMe Samsung 970 Evo 250 GB, everything, okay, without "dopil" the place of the bolt of fastening, as I read from the reviews of this radiator in other stores. There is a feature if the drive has no memory chips on the back side, then there need a second thermal pad to glue (it is included), it's to compensate for the height of the chips and to be pressed on all sides. At temperatures of around-10 degrees on memory chips and-15 degrees on the controller. For the dust in the system sorry.

Bądź pierwszym który napisze recenzję!


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